Holding Hands with the Unknown

Imagine awakening at this point of history, this momentous occasion.  Here we are. As surreal as it seems, this is real and truly happening.

The cogs of our planetary operating system have made some significant adjustments to the norm – mass unemployment, humanity locked down, bailouts, systems buckling, upheaval into a new reality and so much more, all in the blink of an eye.

I don’t know about you, but on some levels, when Covid-19 went down, I was almost at peace with it, and on an unconscious level, open to a massive shift.  Something has needed to ‘give’ for some time. I didn’t think it would be coming so close around the corner, and I didn’t comprehend its subtle magnitude from a global perspective.

I am comforted knowing that I am one of more millions of people on earth being hauled up and thrust into varying degrees of personal chaos. For me it’s come in ripples and waves, this coming to terms with a new external reality.

What’s been happening for you these past weeks?  Is this an almost-holiday? A break in the transmission of your routine? Or are you, like me, hurling through space going ‘what the fuck?’

In this crisis, what has become important to you? What has revealed itself to you about the way you live?

In a meditation this week I found myself in a space of surrender to change.  It was the image of me holding hands with the unknown. It was the awareness of knowing I need to take a long hard look at my values and core beliefs so I can align with this rapidly changing, uncharted course. It was like a torch, shining its light into some dark inner places and trusting I can handle what I learn.

A veil is being lifted from the eyes of humanity, both physically & energetically. Finally, something bigger than all of us is rinsing out our planetary karma, providing a chance for us to look at ourselves through a new reality-lens. Change. Fear. Hope. Isolation. Uncertainty. Opportunity…..

We are materially, deeply and karmically out of line with the true order and way of being in our universe. We need to address our practical and spiritual world and build a new relationship and interaction with our universe. Do you recognise a deep, hidden guilt of being so misaligned with nature that we are complicit in strangling our own mother earth? Discord. I’m not surprised we’re in the situation we’re in but I also feel we are being given a chance to correct.

My fear is that this global crisis will all (appear to) blow over and not enough of us will ‘unpack’ enough of our shit and make the changes needed to heal some deep scars.

This is a new normal and it’s uncharted territory for us all. Reinvention based on assessment of your values, your notion of home, your finances, your work, your study, your possessions, your vision of the future, and, as well your inner world inventory means it all might get pretty dark and dank before we properly upgrade the earth’s operating systems.

My hope is that we all take inventory of what’s important and what we can let go of, both on an inner-world level, and on a practical, physical and outer-world level. If you want to design a new world, that’s our homework 😉

I’m using this time for self-reflection, and for an analysis of my outer world, looking at what can be consolidated, to draft a map, and in due course to try and face what I know I must let go of.

Breathe in, breathe out, repeat….